Spartan training (or lack therof)

Hello everybody. I haven’t trained for this race. I also haven’t kept up with my blogs like I promised I would. In my defence, due to personal reasons. I didn’t feel it was an appropriate time to be writing nor thinking about myself for a couple of weeks. Family needed me. I then nearly experienced […]

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Spartan race preparation: week 1

The spartan race is one of those crazy obstacle course things where you climb walls and crawl under barbed wire and other weird stuff that nobody ever actually does in real life. Unless your an escaping convict, or a contestant on the biggest loser or something. The main reason I have signed up for it […]

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A cautionary tale

Todays blog was supposed to be about how I have signed up for the spartan race, and how I am raising money for charity. I was going to go into detail about my current fitness level, and begin to track my progress through this blog. but something happend that I feel is more important. i […]

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Nathan pays for petrol.

Today I filled my car up with petrol. While I was pumping I decided I wanted to make my interaction with the attendant slightly more meaningful than the usual number, pay and leave routine. People do it all the time. All I gotta to is ask generic questions like “how’s your day?” and “been busy?” […]

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I’m 27 now…shit

I decided to take a bath at 1 am this morning. With my now non existent sleep schedule, there’s no such thing as an appropriate time to do things. I attempted to make bubbles by pouring half of Courtney’s shampoo into the running water. ┬áIt ended up just making a weird white foam on the […]

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My Dog

I love my dog. Her name is Navi. She is named after a sidekick in a video game i use to play when i was a kid. She is my sidekick. Every night she alternates between laying down in bed with Courtney, and coming out to the lounge room to hang out with me. The […]

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