Week two: in the kitchen with Nathan

When I’m on nightshift it is really hard to muster up the motivation to do anything at all.
So it was really inconciderate of me to decide to start some new year, new me bullshit this week. This is suppose to be my week of doing fuck all.
But luckily I stumbled across some website whilst searching for online courses that had a massive discount going on. I searched the word “motivation” and the first course that came up was how to build your motivation- $200 dollars, discounted to $15.

I’m not sure if I just got an insane bargain or hustled for $15 bucks. But who cares, I need motivation dammit!

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shopping for grandma

Sorry to the people who have been commenting on this whilst i was gone. I’ve been avoiding coming back here. My mood was a bit shit for the last month or so. I didn’t want to be constantly writing depressing blogs about how everything sucked, so i figured it be best to just avoid it for a while.

But i am back and ready to dribble a bunch of shit for you to read whilst sitting on the toilet.

I should probably start by addressing my current smoking status.

I am on those Champix pills now. I have accepted that i do not have the willpower to do it on my own.

Its been three weeks, and apart from a drag here and there, i don’t even want a smoke.

Sure, i have been having some crazy weird nightmares about people dying and orgy’s and other fucked up things that i would rather not talk about. I also have trouble distinguishing between reality and my dreams when i first wake up in the morning sometimes.

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