My Dog

I love my dog. Her name is Navi. She is named after a sidekick in a video game i use to play when i was a kid. She is my sidekick. Every night she alternates between laying down in bed with Courtney, and coming out to the lounge room to hang out with me. The […]

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Week 3/4: go hiking

To begin with, I found out that passata is a thing that everybody knows about except me. There are entire shelves of the stuff… Anyway I made a goal to make a goal every week for a year and I failed it within 3 weeks. But to be fair, I was on holiday, and I […]

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Week One: Fix My Blog

I have decided to change the entire theme of my blog. After reading back over a couple of my old posts, I noticed¬†how much of a god damn whinger i am. Always complaining about all the shit i don’t do, or wish i could do, or try to do but suck at. I kept just […]

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Doctors who ride pushbikes to work

I can almost guarantee that every morning as i am getting changed into my scrubs, at least one doctor will rock up in his Lycra push bike riding getup. *sigh* Is it not enough that you are about to literally save half a dozen lives? ¬†you gotta be fit, healthy and environmentally conscious too? Overachieving […]

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shopping for grandma

Sorry to the people who have been commenting on this whilst i was gone. I’ve been avoiding coming back here. My mood was a bit shit for the last month or so. I didn’t want to be constantly writing depressing blogs about how everything sucked, so i figured it be best to just avoid it […]

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My amazing week off work

Today marks the end of a 9 day holiday that I decided to take because I wanted to. My original plan was to shut myself in. To allow myself to go into detox mode without any distractions. i was going to get up early every day. I was going to study a whole heap. I […]

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