Hey everyone, I am doing blogs again maybe.

It’s been a while since i attempted one of these. Crazy couple of years. For everyone i guess.

Legit, i think i’ve aged ten in the last two. My hair is falling out. I have joint problems. I even had a haemorrhoid scare the other week. Turned out to be a hematoma.

I think the extreme mix of highs and lows recently caused some sort of pressure that my body didnt know how to vent, so i started shedding hair and then my ass blew out.

Not that im super worried about the effects of ageing. I always figured i would be lucky to make it to old age with my lifestyle choices. Balding head and wrinkles are a sign that i might actually get to finish the race. Which is a way better outcome than the way i always imagined it would go down.

I am definitely noticing it though. I enjoy having one or two beers. I dont even get blind anymore hardly. I have been tempted to buy a goon sack and see how a fare, but i think i know what the end result would be and i dont want to embarrass myself in front of my inner teenager.

I actually think i went through a bit of a premature mid life crisis. Quit a good job to chase a dream job. Luckily it all worked out and ended up being one of the best decisions ive ever made. It was a big risk that could have seriously fucking backfired on me. But now i love what i do. I feel inadequate and scared every day because i work with super smart dudes who can make actual magic happen, and it is great.

But yea, things have changed a bunch in the last couple of years. I have so much more that i think i want to talk about. But not tonight. I am just dipping my toes tonight. Seeing if this is actually something i want to do again. I always felt a little weird after writing one of these. Like i was letting people in on too much, and that i should just shush and be an observer.

Anyway, see how we go. Just wanted to let everyone know that for the most part, i am happy. That wasnt the case for a while, But it is now.

Kind regards,

Ps. I apologise for bad grammer and spelling if it exists. I was gonna spell check but i cant really be fucked and im sure you guys dont care about that anyway.

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