Spartan training (or lack therof)

Hello everybody.

I haven’t trained for this race.

I also haven’t kept up with my blogs like I promised I would.

In my defence, due to personal reasons. I didn’t feel it was an appropriate time to be writing nor thinking about myself for a couple of weeks. Family needed me.

I then nearly experienced a total mental breakdown due to people who, through no choice of my own, are stuck being a part of my life, and who will continue being a part of my life in spite of how much I would like to tell them to go fuck themselves.

And then just when I started to go back to my training, I got crook. So that’s been another week. It just keeps lingering around. I’m only just starting to be able to taste things again.

Oh and also Aaron broke his finger and then his foot in the space of a couple of weeks. So he’s out.

So. I have like two weeks to cram in what I was suppose to do over 3 months or whatever.

I’m aware training doesn’t work like that, but what choice do I have now. I’m fucked anyway. I can atleast get maybe a little fitter I guess.

I have however managed to raise like 603 dollars. Which is more than I was expecting to raise. So thank you all for that 🙂

Back to training tomorow 🙂

One thought on “Spartan training (or lack therof)

  1. There were two parts to it: raising money and doing something to negate your own depression, right? You’ve got half of it down! I’m not sure if people do this in Australia, but a lot of times in the United States, young people will agree to walk a certain number of miles in exchange for donations for something. So, even if you really can’t do the Tough Mudder competition (or whatever it’s called in Australia–I can’t remember!), you could do a walk! Maybe plan it so you end at a park and have a picnic with your loved ones?

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