Spartan race preparation: week 1

The spartan race is one of those crazy obstacle course things where you climb walls and crawl under barbed wire and other weird stuff that nobody ever actually does in real life. Unless your an escaping convict, or a contestant on the biggest loser or something.

The main reason I have signed up for it is because I don’t believe I can do it.

My psychologist told me I need to start challenging my own thoughts. Just because I think something is true, doesn’t mean that it is.

I’m sure he didn’t mean that I should go sign up for some fucking commando superman race.  But… go big or keep sitting on the couch doing fuck all, amright?

My friend Aaron will be joining me on this “quest” to get heaps fit and do something cool. He’s already way fitter than I am, but I’m not going to tell him that to his face.

I went to the gym at the start of last week and just dicked around on the machines. I wanted to get some kind of idea of where I was at before starting.

So I’m just going to chuck down some of the things I did. As a reference for two months from now.

I ran .8 km, my heart rate got to 174pbm

3 sets 10 reps at 40 kg on the chest machine

3 sets 10 reps at 40 kg on the fixed pull down

3 sets 10 reps 9kg Bicep Dumbbells curls

3 sets 10 reps 45kg on the seated leg press
Not exactly spartan material. But eh, can’t back out now.

I also took a before selfie

(Hi guys… I’m a spartan warrior)

I’m not expecting any kind of major changes to happen in two months, but yea… references.
I have also started a new diet. It’s called the “eat heaps of fucking food” diet.

Ive been blending up my fruit and veg into smoothies so I don’t have to actually eat the crap. I assume it has the same effect?

Aaaand last but not least, we have started an actual gym routine. 5 days a week plus two days of running or whatever else.

Oh and one more thing…

I’m quitting smoking again.

I know what your all thinking..


But seriously, how am I meant to run this race while I’m smoking 20 a day.

I mean it this time.

(This was a very symbolic moment for me. But then the fact that my pants were now covered in tobacco ruined it slightly)

I will report back next week with an update on how everything is going.

If anyone would like to donate, I’m raising money for beyondblue.

I’m sure we have all been affected by mental illness in one way or another. These guys are here to help.  So any donation, big or small, will be greatly appreciated

My Beyondblue fundraiser
Thank you 🙂

One thought on “Spartan race preparation: week 1

  1. Good job, duder! Also, don’t blend your fruit. It breaks all the fiber in them, and fiber is needed to slow the release of the natural sugars in the fruit into your body. If you break the fiber by blending it, you might as well drink soda and eat a vitamin. You could MAKE something with the fruit that tastes better. What kinds of fruit do you have in Australia?


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