Nathan pays for petrol.

Today I filled my car up with petrol. While I was pumping I decided I wanted to make my interaction with the attendant slightly more meaningful than the usual number, pay and leave routine. People do it all the time. All I gotta to is ask generic questions like “how’s your day?” and “been busy?” Maybe make a comment about the wether or something. Just the usual crap nobody really cares about.

I finished pumping and walked up to the line for the register. There was a lady being served in front of me. She was having a laugh with the attendant about her kids or some shit. She obviously knew how to take this social interaction thing to the next level.
I wasn’t going to be deterred though. Just stick to the plan nathan, it will be fine.

The lady finished paying and turned around and left. She had a big grin on her face. It must be awesome being able to have regular conversations with people like that.

It was now my turn. I took a step forward and went to open my mouth…


Shit. what fucking pump was i at?


I was so focused on having a conversation that I forgot this crucial piece of information.

I tried looking out the glass but there were two numbers on top of each other and I didn’t know witch one was allocated to my pump.

“Erm… just that one over there”

I pointed in the general direction of the pumps.

The attendant stood there looking slightly confused.

I tried to emphasise what I was trying to say by waving my hand in the direction of where my car was.

“The one over there” I said

“Was it ten dollars?” She asked


How much fucking petrol did I put in?

How did I not take notice of how much petrol I put in my car?

I was starting to panic now.

“Maybe…” I replied.

What was I suppose to say? I didn’t know the answer to her question.

She must have thought I was playing funny buggers or something.

I don’t think either of us knew what to do at this point.

Who would have thought that something as simple as paying for petrol could be fucked up so badly.

I had to come up with a way to let her know what I was trying to do.

I suddenly became conscious of the line that had formed behind me. Now I was inconveniencing other people, as well as the servo attendant.
After a few seconds of standing there making thinking noises. The solution finally came to me.

“It’s the little yellow girls car”


“That’s ten dollars” she replied

Crisis averted. I thanked her, paid for my petrol and quickly left the store. I kept my head down as to not make eye contact with the people in the line.
I think I’ll stick to my usual routine from now on.

6 thoughts on “Nathan pays for petrol.

  1. So you embarrassed yourself,dosnt matter. I always figure if I made someone laugh at my stupidity at least someone got something out of it and besides its not like your going to get petrol at that servo again for a while so have yourself a laugh about it to😁


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