Week One: Fix My Blog

I have decided to change the entire theme of my blog.

After reading back over a couple of my old posts, I noticed how much of a god damn whinger i am. Always complaining about all the shit i don’t do, or wish i could do, or try to do but suck at.

I kept just going round in circles without actually doing anything at all.

In my last post i talked about taking baby steps, and how my new years resolution is to start pushing past the things that have been holding me back.

But you and i both know i’m full of shit. I would have just done nothing for another week, then wrote another blog about how much nothing i did.

So i have come up with an idea.

I will be setting myself a new goal each week for the next year. My aim will be to complete said goal within said week. I will be using this blog as a way of keeping myself accountable.

I will take photos and videos when i can and if i remember, and document it all here for the entire year.

Hopefully by the time 2018 comes around i will have a cool little blog filled with a bunch of cool stuff that i did.

I have attempted to set up a suggestion box on the home page of this blog where people can give me suggestions for goals.If that works out i will fix it up and make it look better. I think i will struggle with coming up with ideas on my own, seeing as i’m not exactly a goal setter by nature.

Also i know i am kinda cheating by making this blog my week one goal. Its just that we are already 7 days in to the new year and only just came up with this idea, so i am cutting myself some slack. I need time to think of an actual goal.

I will try and make a post every Wednesday

If this actually goes alright, i will also put a bit more effort into updating the whole blog and doing better write ups and what not.

I think this is a good way of me to force myself into getting off my ass and actually doing something with my life.

Lets see how it goes ey 🙂




3 thoughts on “Week One: Fix My Blog

  1. I did like the stick figures though, they were funny, I wish you all the best with new blog i look forward to reading it i think it is a good idea for you.

    Liked by 1 person

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