Doctors who ride pushbikes to work

I can almost guarantee that every morning as i am getting changed into my scrubs, at least one doctor will rock up in his Lycra push bike riding getup.


Is it not enough that you are about to literally save half a dozen lives?  you gotta be fit, healthy and environmentally conscious too?

Overachieving bastard

I dont get it. Where does that kind of drive even come from?

Heres me waking up 15 minutes before my shift starts. I end up being late because I have put my keys in the fucking fridge the night before and cant find them. Only to spend the rest of the day dreaming about going home to watch 6 episodes of workaholics.

How do i tap in to that “Im just going to do fucking everything” way of thinking?

I guess that’s the difference between myself and successful people. They just do stuff, and they keep doing stuff.

I have created some quality illustrations to show what happens when i try and do stuff.




(If you cant already tell, im really bored without Courtney here)


This is pretty much how i have done everything since as long as i can remember. If something requires any amount of effort, i give up.

So, my new years resolution (yes i’m making a resolution, i know its lame, but whatever trevor) is to start stepping over those little bumps that have always held me back. I don’t know how i will go when i get to something that is actually hard, but i’m not thinking about that right now. Just taking baby steps. I even bought a jar of pickled onions and ate two of them! pretty sure ill be full vegan in a month if i keep going at this rate.

Its that, or i try to convince the doctors to stop riding their pushbikes to work so i can feel better about myself.

Either way.


3 thoughts on “Doctors who ride pushbikes to work

  1. Do you ever give yourself credit for the things you DO do, or consider that the challenges aren’t small, depending on your mental health that day?

    There are days when I wake up at 4:00AM, grade papers, catch up on reading blogs, get ready, go to my college, sit through a committee meeting, teach a couple of classes back to back, have conferences with half a dozen students, sit around for office hours, go home, make dinner, and enjoy an episode of Daria.

    Then there are days when DECIDING to take a shower is about as scary to me as partaking in a televised dance competition.

    The actual size vs. the perceived size of a challenge can be drastically different. Seeing that in the moment is really fucking hard.

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    1. I wish I could give myself credit. But the truth is i don’t do a whole lot. Today I spent for hours playing a Facebook 8 ball game…
      But that is a really good point, about the actual size vs perceived size. I will try and remember this comment next time I hit a wall… or a bump…
      thank you

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      1. You’re welcome. The hard thing with internet games is they’re designed to make you sit there. Actually, we used to have cable, but I would watch hours of TV–shows I didn’t enjoy, show’s I’d seen before–all because I was afraid of missing something based on the exciting way the “coming up next” show was advertised. We shut off the cable.


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