I’m exited!

This post is just me welcoming my new followers.



But I have followers now. I’m kinda like an actual real life blogger. Ha!

So I’m totally going to start checking my spelling and trying to make shit look all nice and pretty.

When applicable, I’m even going to start using..

  • Mother
  • Fucking 
  • Dotpoints

I’m happy. This is cool…

Now I need sleep, because I’ve been awake for nearly 24 hours.

10 thoughts on “I’m exited!

  1. Hey! Welcome to blogging!
    I’m excited for you, too. 🙂
    I hope you have a blast. I’m having a great time… in fact too much that it’s keeping me away from school… bad bad… Yup!
    Anyways, thanks for the follow. I just gave you a follow back. You’ll find out that we have a good group here who are very supportive. Just hang in there. Enjoy the ride.
    ❤ BP

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      1. Oh, god, it’s so funny. When I was in college–a big four year state school–I was walking along the sidewalk. There were students everywhere; school was in full swing. I saw a guy on a skateboard going down the sidewalk at a good speed. He was obviously trying to look kind of metal. For some reason, his skateboard got out from under him. He flew up in the air and landed on his back so hard that one of his shoes came off. The skateboard kept rolling away–right into the street where a car ran it over. There was a loud CRACK! The board totally splintered into lots of little pieces. The guy was so mad that he stood up, grabbed the shoe that flew off, and threw it at the moving car. It hit the car’s trunk… and didn’t bounce off. The car, apparently oblivious to what happened, drove away with the shoe on the trunk. I laughed…my…ass off watching this unfold.

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