language warning

In today’s blog, i would like share something with you all. it is a piece of wisdom that i like to think i obtained a long time ago. its might be hard for some people to accept. but i wholeheartedly believe it to be true. If everyone on the planet would just follow this one piece of advice, the world would become a much better place.

Are you ready?

Here we go…

“You don’t have to be a cunt…”

Revolutionary stuff hey?

Even if you don’t particularly like someone. you don’t have to be a cunt to them. you can just not like them in your own head and continue about your day without being a piece of shit. I know it sounds crazy, but its true.

Now i know some of you might be thinking “what the fuck are you talking about Nathan, of course i need to be a cunt. How else will people know that they are shit and that i am better than them?”
But that’s the thing. It doesn’t matter if you are a scrubby shitkicker like me, or some highly respected ‘sir’ with fat bank account. it does not give you the right to treat others like shit.

I really struggle to understand why some people are just constantly assholes, day in, day out. There is no need for it… Ever. Why do people feel the need to just fucking break others down. Does it make them feel better about themselves? Is it how they were raised? do they get off on it or something?

You don’t know what is going on in another persons life. you don’t know what is going on in another persons head. they could be severely depressed, their dog may have just died, their car might have broken on the way to work. Then they come across some fuckwit who decides they are going to be a fuckwit simply because they feel like being a fuckwit.

A few small words of encouragement or praise can go a long way. I would love to be in a position where my words and actions could make someones day. yet so many people just choose to use their power or status to simply wave their dick around.

It is really starting to do my head in.
That’s fucking primary school stuff!  Everyone should know how to not be a fucking dingleberry by now. Full grown adults who don’t know how to behave like fucking adults.

I understand the irony of this post. I sound like a bit of a cunt myself. but god dammit What the actual fuck is wrong with people…

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